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Thursday, May 17

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Tuesday, May 15

  1. msg Skellenger, Dylan message posted Skellenger, Dylan Who: Barra…
    Skellenger, Dylan

    Who: Barrack Obama
    What: JP Morgan chase
    When: Happening today
    Where: New York

    Connection: Obama is saying that a $2 billion trading loss suffered by JPMorgan Chase is "why Wall Street reform is so important." The bank's loss, which resulted from a massive bet on derivatives, has sent shockwaves through financial markets and caused JPMorgan shares to drop 12% over the past two trading sessions. JP morgans chase is one of the best managed banks there is obama says. Net losses, after factoring in other securities gains, are expected to exceed $800 million by the end of the second quarter. And losses could increase depending on market conditions and the bank's actions moving forward.
    8:59 am
  2. msg david message posted david who: an illegal immigrant what: accused of using a guys id thats been dead for 20 years when: may…
    who: an illegal immigrant
    what: accused of using a guys id thats been dead for 20 years
    when: may 14
    where: Newark-Liberty International Airport connection: tighter airport security since 9/11
    7:06 am
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    DenHartog, Emma

    Who- Sarah Hyland
    What- announced her kidney transplant
    Where- Cali
    When- Monday

    Connection- this relates to US History because kidney transplants were invented by an American Doctor by the name of Dr. Kloff. These surgeries are very sucesseful.
    4:05 am

Monday, May 14

  1. msg Vandenberg, Jacob message posted Vandenberg, Jacob…
    Vandenberg, Jacob

    Who: Facebook trollers

    What: have harassed

    Where: on Facebook

    When: over the last 6 months

    Relation to U.S. History: We're getting to a point in history where technology is expanding faster than laws are. Law enforcement isn't able to deal with all of the technological crimes that happen every day. In this case the court system isn't able to give this mom the justice that she very clearly needs. When Harry Truman dropped the atomic bomb, he had no idea of the effects that it would have on the world for years afterwards. Society is still wondering whether it was a good choice. When we created easier ways to contact each other on the Internet we didn't think of the other uses that it could have. We certainly didn't consider crime, but it's become almost as common as crime in real life.
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  3. msg war with syria message posted war with syria Url: who:unite…
    war with syria

    who:united nations and united states
    what:war with syria
    when: no date yet
    why: due to all the terriost atacks and viloence

    connection: the war with syria s tll in mind with UN and U.S due to all the violence ,car bombings, tortures,sinpers,1000 pwoplw klled.
    7:40 pm